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In this section you can see a summary of the sand quarries history, beginning with prehistory, starting with 'The Archaeological Evidence', where:

You can trace the various stages through maps showing evidence of the presence of man in this area.

Extraction of the sand has contributed to the discovery of some of the evidence of early man's occupation. We own many thanks to local enthusiasts like Bernard Jones and the late Frederick Gurney who was always at hand to make meticulous recordings.

Leighton Buzzard sand industry has continued for over 150 years. Sand extracted from the local pit is exported all over the world and has many vital uses.

In section 'Present Sandpits' you can see some of the evidence of early iron extraction and its usage followed by photos of a Victorian well found in the sand. Unfortunately no enthusiast archaeologist was around to properly document this find.

The bulk of this section is dedicated to early aerial photographs which show evidence of quarrying advancing across the landscape.

The last section 'Changing Landscapes' shows what happens to these quarries when the sand extraction ends.

The restoration process requires they are re-landscaped, some to become nature reserves which benefit wild life, the growth of trees and the leisure industry.

Other quarries are back-filled with inert waste and housing estates built on them.

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