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Uses of Sand Uses of Sand  

Sand has been used widely in the construction industry for many hundreds of years. Even in Roman times sand was a useful resource, used in the production of tiles. The 1930s saw Leighton Buzzard sand mixed with lime to make special steamed bricks at Stonehenge Bricks Ltd. Local tile manufacturing businesses, which used local sand, employed many people in the town and are still thriving today. White, silica-rich, sand from Heath and Reach has also been distributed internationally to major cement manufacturers.


More than 200 diverse uses of sand are listed today; including in the leisure and sports industry for golf courses, football pitches and greyhound tracks. Sand is widely used in construction, in horticulture, for water filtration and Leighton Buzzard sand has reportedly even been used to line the elephant enclosure at Whipsnade Zoo!


Sand even gave us the famous Crystal Palace; it was and remains a great example of the usage of sand in the manufacture of glass. This combined with the then latest means of transportation using our canals and the ingenuity of Joseph Paxton really made the great Exhibition of 1851 what it was.


A world without sand would be a very different world. In this section, discover much more about various uses of sand from Leighton Buzzard and Heath and Reach.

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