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Sandpit Sites

There are many sand quarries in the Leighton Buzzard area. Click here to go back to the Main Site and find out where they are.


The sand industry in Leighton Buzzard has been around for many years, but the way in which sand is quarried has changed alot. The sand used to be dug out with shovels by men called Dobbers and shaken through a mesh screen to remove any grit or dirt. Later the sand would be washed and dried and loaded into hessian sacks before being taken to the customer. Nowadays huge diggers dig the sand, and dump trucks carry it to the processing plant. Many different grades of sand can be produced depending on what the sand is to be used for.



Quarries are important and interesting places but they can be very dangerous and you should NEVER go into them unless you are on an organised visit, wearing proper safety clothing. Quarry workers know the dangers in a quarry and have special training in how to avoid them. They also wear special clothing to protect themselves:

Remember Ė BE SAFE and donít ever be tempted to treat a quarry as an adventure playground.

quarry restoration sand is often put into sacks by a robotic bagging machine
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